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School of Human Ecology


Through excellence in teaching, research, and service: the School of Human Ecology prepares students to meet the changing needs of individuals, families, consumers, and communities.





About Us

From the beginning of the profession, Human Ecology has been concerned with the impact of environmental factors on human well-being. Human Ecology provides an emphasis on personal development, decision making, and intrapersonal skills. Consumer-related skills that provide understanding to how economic, social, and cultural factors affect behavior is another area of focus. We are interested in the study of people, their natural and built environments, their values and choices, their cultural influences and beliefs, their communities, and their rich behavioral repertoires. 


Human Ecology curricula provide the necessary decision making, social, and communication skills that are critical for occupational success. No other academic unit incorporates in its curriculum as many pertinent life skills that will help individuals succeed in their career paths as well as their personal lives. The knowledge that is provided in Human Ecology has relevance to students' present lives, as well as, will prove valuable throughout the lifespan as graduates have a direct impact on the lives of individuals, families, and communities they serve.


Human Ecology programs have been an integral part of Louisiana Tech University since its inception in 1894. Tech was the first university in the state to offer programs in human ecology disciplines. The School of Human Ecology offers three undergraduate degrees in the specialization areas of family and child studies, nutrition and dietetics, and merchandising and consumer studies. Two undergraduate degrees, family and consumer sciences education and early childhood education, are offered jointly with the College of Education. The School of Human Ecology also offers a masters degree in nutrition and dietetics. Our programs provide students with the opportunities for internships, field study and travel, membership in professional organizations, and professional growth.


The School of Human Ecology is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Individual programs of study are also accredited by individual professional organizations


HEC Values

 The School of Human Ecology Values:

  • Students
  • Quality Instruction and Advising
  • Experiential Education / Service Learning
  • Research
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Leadership Development and Advocacy
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Diversity

HEC Contact Us

Amy Yates, Director



CTH 251


Featured Alumna


It is an honor to represent the (Louisiana Tech University) School of Human Ecology as a 1999 M.S. graduate and 2013 Louisiana Teacher of the Year. I am currently a middle school Family and Consumer Sciences teacher and school technologist at Ouachita Junior High in Ouachita Parish. I also enjoy helping my fellow education colleagues through teaching technology-based book studies and graduate classes. The School of Human Ecology is where I was first given the opportunity to explore my interest in merging family and consumer skills with technology, and that experience has transformed my professional career.  I am grateful for the training I received from the committed faculty members in the School of Human Ecology and for the lifelong connections I made with my fellow classmates in the program.